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Writing Music


I began my Performing, Songwriting and Composing career in New York City's

legendary Tin Pan Alley working as a Staff Songwriter for Kama Sutra Records

@ 1650 Brwy and the Brill Building.

While working as a Staff Songwriter I gained experience in the Copyrighting

and Music Publishing part of the Music Business as well as the Recording,

Distribution, Marketing and Promotion and Selling of Music.

It was there that I was discovered by a Rock and Roll manager, who put me

to work as a Songwriter, Composer, Pianist/ Keyboardist, Singer and Mime

in an Art Rock band called "The Hello People".

We were produced by Todd Rundgren and commercially released five record albums.

We appeared on the "Tonight Show", “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour”, “The Midnight Special”, performed at Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, the Fillmore's East and West and every Concert Club, Theatre and Juke Joint while constantly touring the United States.

My music has been part of the soundtracks for the films “Easy Rider”, “Almost Famous" and the
Netflix Series “6 Feet Under".

Currently I am working in the San Francisco Theatre Venue and Independent Film Community as a
Sound Designer, Composer and Songwriter.

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